Work With Me

I help healthcare suppliers navigate the changing market, use value strategically to win, and capture a fair portion of the value they deliver.

Working Together

I help suppliers drive profitable growth through understanding and managing value delivered

There are lots of ways that we can work together. Here are several ways you can access my knowledge and experiences. I have arranged these in order, from those that require the least investment to those that require the most.


Read an Article

Search this site and find a blog post, article or whitepaper to help you address an issue or learn more about a key topic.

Buy A Book

I’ve written three books – Strategic Pricing for Medical Technologies, Healthcare Value Selling, and Selling to Procurement.

Hire Me to Speak or Train

I’ve trained thousands of sales and marketing personnel, and I have keynoted for audiences as large as 1000. For a complete list of training programs, please click here.

Hire Me as A Consultant

Through my consulting business, Value Vantage Partners LLC, I help healthcare suppliers around the globe set strategy and drive improvements.