Winning Strategies to Sell and Defend Value in The New Market

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healthcare value sellingSalespeople and commercial leaders face a significant challenge and big opportunity. Purchasing in healthcare is undergoing a fundamental shift.

Buying decisions, once driven by individual clinicians, are increasingly being made by data-driven committees, cost-driven administrators, and sophisticated buyers. The hospital supply chain and purchasing organization is growing into a powerful force, and is deploying sourcing tactics to gain unprecedented discounts and bring clearer transparency to value.

Selling in this new healthcare market in the same old way is a recipe for price erosion, declining margins, frustrated salespeople, and dissatisfied customers.

 Based on extensive experience and research, this is a practical guide that provides salespeople and commercial teams with the insights to approach economic buyers with renewed confidence. It provides proven strategies and tools to educate customers, sell your value, and defend your value against tough buyers.


  • Now adopted by 11 healthcare company sales teams
  • Used by thousands of sales and marketing professional around the world
  • The only value selling book to integrate the buyers’ perspective, healthcare specifics, and details on value quantification
  • Bulk discounts are available


“This book provides healthcare suppliers with practical and easy to understand examples designed to help them create their own tools, which can be used to defend the value of their products and services.  Brilliant!”
– Mike Reiner, WW Sr. Director, Becton, Dickinson and Company

“If ever there was a silver bullet to successfully navigating the purchasing process in the healthcare arena, this is it. Provines has a knack for simplifying the complex and ordering the chaotic. If you run a healthcare sales organization, this is the book you need to read.”
– Jason Aroesty, Regional Vice President, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

“Great book that addresses the challenges manufacturers face in the rapidly evolving US Healthcare Market. Healthcare Value Selling offers practical strategies & solutions on how to approach re-defining value through the eyes of the customer. Very well written capturing practical and real-world experience from both a manufacturer and Healthcare Provider perspective.”
– Chris Maffie, Field Director, CNS / IM Managed Markets, Johnson & Johnson

“Just in time! Our healthcare customer is undergoing a major transition.  Healthcare Value Selling provides a model that will help prepare teams to deploy new value based selling approaches, and address the needs of the new healthcare buyer.”
– Tom Reynolds, Director Global Strategy, Janssen Supply Chain 

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