I write about the art, science and practice of buyer-seller value creation and exchange with a focus on healthcare.

Published Works

14 Sales forces and thousands of sales and marketing professionals have used these books to be more successful.

My teaching, research, and work with leading Fortune 500 firms has led to numerous books. My expertise is in the art, science, and practice of:

  • Selling value
  • Defining winning pricing strategies
  • Negotiating
  • Using buying behavior strategically
  • Creating collaborative buyer-seller relationships

Strategic Pricing For Medical Technologies

A comprehensive and practical guide to pricing medical technologies. This book will help you better quantify, communicate, and capture value in an increasingly challenging environment. The book provides a strategic framework for pricing medical technologies.

Healthcare Value Selling

This is a practical guide that provides salespeople and commercial teams with the insights to approach economic buyers with renewed confidence. It provides proven strategies and tools to educate customers, sell your value, and defend your value against tough buyers.