I am an author, educator and advisor. I write about healthcare trends, buyer-seller relationships, and the art, science and practice of defining, measuring, communicating, and capturing value.

Detailed Biography

Chris Provines

Christopher Provines has over twenty-four years of global healthcare experience. He began his career in hospital finance and reimbursement. After graduate school, he joined Johnson & Johnson and later moved to Siemens Healthcare. His roles have included vice-president-level positions at both companies.

He has extensive global experience in a variety of functions, including leadership roles in strategic pricing, reimbursement, health outcomes, finance, procurement, commercial excellence, key account management, and business improvement. He is a world-leading thought leader in selling, defending, and capturing value in healthcare. He is an advisor to many of the world’s leading medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Chris has written many papers, articles, book chapters, and books. He is on the board of advisors for the Professional Pricing Society and a number of technology start-ups. He is also an award-winning adjunct professor at Rutgers University, where he teaches in the Supply Chain Management and Marketing Sciences Department. His research interests include the transformation of healthcare supply chains and the implications for suppliers. Chris earned his MBA from Rutgers University.